My first Blog entry

When you have a lot of time I guess it is a good time to start writing your first blog. My name is Hans Hoffmann and I was recently laid off from Microsoft after 18 years. Interestingly I was given the ill fated notice on Nov 4th at 9am – I started on that day in 1991. I thought that day I should start a blog. I can talk about a lot of things but the purpose of this blog shall not be about my bitterness at being let go but more a reflection of 18 years at a sometimes great company and an exciting industry. There will be honest assessments of how I saw things. My hope is this journey will be about self improvment and I hope to keep people entertained as we march through 18 years. A lot happenned along the way – Microsoft Office became the desktop standard for business productivity, Windows 95 was launched, the internet took center stage, the DOJ, Billg stepped down as CEO, Billg left the company, Google, — that is just a sampling. I guess in short those who read this blog will get a chance to participate in some form of online therapy. Thank you and enjoy.

6 thoughts on “My first Blog entry

  1. I hope you take some time to sit back and relax. With 18 years under your belt you deserve it. Come back energized and refreshed. There is a lot to do out there and you are gong to be snapped up before you know it. keep the faith and feel free to ping me anytime.

  2. Know how you feel as I’m in a similar position – absolutely agree that the best approach is not to get all bitter and wound-up but to be able to look back and have enjoyed the ride so far…

    1. It has been a journey so far and there are good and bad days, but when I look around I have been a lucky man. Thanks for commenting as it keeps me inspired to write more.


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