Leading up to my first day at Microsoft Nov 4th 1991

I remember this day well. But maybe a little background before we get to that day. I was a little over a year out of college having graduated from Washington State University ( Go Cougs!!) in May of 1990. In April of 1991 I had started temping for at Microsoft. My first job was manning the phones to take orders for the Windows 3.0 resource kit. From the get go it was very busy. The queue light on the phone was lit up all day. This was in the early days if tech so as temps we did not get a computer. We got a terminal for our email, which was Xenix Mail and all orders were put into a hand written form – only “blue badges” had computers. The resource kits were funny in themselves all the details about how to get certified on Windows 3.0 – all contained in a 3 ring binder. But what I remember best were the people I worked with and the fun we had together in our tiny little cubicles.  There was a group of six of us that worked and played together – Steve, Erin, Jovanna, Andrea and Glen.  We went hiking, went to parties, went drinking – some of us got hired by Microsoft eventually.  I know Steve went back home to Minnesota, but the others are in the “where are they now category”.  I hope they are all doing well as the year we hung out together was a memorable period in my life and one I am thankful for.  Back to the job.  I eventually got promoted in my temp job.  You see all those orders we were taking for Resource Kits had to be taken over to Ridgewood F (remember Ridgewood F it plays an important role in my Microsoft journey). I guess I was the most qualified to walk across the parking lot. So I took them over to Audrey Bennet a Customer Service Manager and Jeff Corwin her admin.   When I got the courage to apply for a customer service job Audrey had Jeff put my resume on each hiring managers desk.  It also helped that Audrey was a die-hard Crimson and Grey fan.  To prep for the interview my temp agency, Remedy, let me come into the office and play around with this thing called Windows 3.0. It did not seem to me it did a lot, somehow OS’ never change.  At the time I was living on Eastlake in Seattle with a few roommates  (Mike Dahlin was one, we went through a few other roommates so I am not sure who the others were at the time).  I got the call and the offer, which I accepted since I had no other prospects.  Which leads us to my first day at Microsoft….

3 thoughts on “Leading up to my first day at Microsoft Nov 4th 1991

  1. Not absolutely who the others were in November. Had Tracy moved out by then? And remember that one guy who always went out to “work” at night and never kept a checking account?

    My best guess is that by November it was Dave Morehouse and Phil Auerswald. Could be wrong about the timing, though.

  2. Wow Hans, this brought back memories. There wew alot of good people from the hotlines that ended up benefiting Microsoft. ( There should have been more but I remember being told by a few managers that they didn’t want certain people because they were too technical, huh??? that never made sense to me because Microsoft was a Technical Company )

    1. I think was a technical company applies today as I think since Bill left Microsoft has a bit of a vacume when it comes to technical leadership but we shall see. I predict Bill comes back in 3-4 years

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