Ray Ozzie Goodbye

Well I was already to complete a new blog post when Ray Ozzie decided to release a goodbye memo. A very timely release.   It is a monumental read and hopefully whomever reads my blog  will check it out.  A few comments and then I will let my blog rest and let everyone just read Ray.

  1. Microsoft has a lot of great assets and if they can rally and pull together those troops they can make a major impact. 
  2. The idea of the PC is undergoing fundamental change
  3. We are and will be always connected and this will drive change
  4. We are moving to appliance driven innovation both in the enterprise and for the consumer

Click on the link and enjoy.  As I started my last blog on Ray Ozzie – a Review, Ray Ozzie is a legend.  Tech legends deliver these type of  visionary memo’s.  Enjoy.

Good Night and Good Luck

Hans Hoffmann Oct 25th,, 2010

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