Book Review -“The Oil Card” by James Norman

I recently read a book by James Norman, a noted expert in the oil industry.  It was a fascinating book, which focused primarily on China and the looming threat.  My sense is James leaned to the right in his views, but they were well argued and I intended to agree with much of what he said.  Here are some key takeaways:

  • the 21st century will be defined by economic warfare and not military warfare
  • When you think of Energy policy it is a matter of national security
  • China is very worried about the control the US has of key middle east oil resources
  • China needs to make deals with rogue nations for oil – it is a security issue
  • China imports most oil via freight (expensive) not pipelines (cheap)
  • High Oil prices hurt China, as opposed to the cold ware where low oil prices hurt the Soviet Union
  • China’s interest in alternative energy is a question of environmental concern and of national security

I highly recommend this book.

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